"Haute patisserie" products

Just for today, selected products for your kitchen in amazing prices, with discount up to 25%.

Power Blitzer

The ideal companion to prepare cakes, grate dried nuts, mix and create art in your kitchen.

From 99 € today 74,25 €

Tristar Crepe-maker

With the Tristar crepe-maker is easy to make your own crepes at home, easily and quickly.

From 39 € today 29,25 €

Tristar Donut Maker

Prepare delicious donuts in the blink of an eye!

From 29,9 € today
22,45 €



Candy floss maker

Prepare candy floss at home and everyone will love it!

From 59,9 € today
44,95 €

Pit corer

A smart tool so that you can remove the pits from fruit, etc., without any fuss.

From 19 € today 14,25 €

Daewoo breadmaker

Prepare delicious bread with the push of a button.

From 99 € today 74,25 €