Autumn accessories

files/1/leaf.jpgThis fall may be generally hot however; we need to get some autumn stuff. So we can also welcome winter. 

And what kind of stuff could that be?

Where to start from? From our house… as we mentioned, it may not be cold but when the sun goes down we feel a little chill. We can’t switch on the heat but we do want to feel warmer. What to do?

We buy a simple door stopper that suits all homes and we place it cheek by jowl with our door. Thus, the wind stops penetrating in. We maintain our house warmer.

What else? A shoe mat of course! Leave the autumn rain and mud outside. The more absorbent they are the better! 

In addition, we need a dehumidifier. Not to large since they are too expensive and they have high consumption. We have the perfect dehumidifier who is efficient as well as a great decorative for our house. 

Enough for our house. What about us? What best describes fall? Galoshes and umbrella. We have the best! The most comfortable galoshes and an umbrella that withstands strong wind. Because usually, umbrellas are quite dangerous when it is windy. With these two, we can walk and sing in the rain. 

We don’t need anything else. The aforementioned are adequate so as to spend the autumn and welcome the winter. After all, in Greece winter looks more like fall.