Clown... mum


You made the cake with your own hands, your mom will make the canapes and it's time to thing about the amusement of the lilliputian guests. Your little princess asks for Bobo the clown - she settles for the Lulu clown - but under no circumstances can there be a party for her without a clown and happenings.

You offer then to take over the part of the entertainer and receive an outright "NO!". The kid wants toys, juggling, tricks, balloons and face painting. "Do you know those things, mum? I don't think so!"

With this and that you convince her to trust you and you are faced with the final demand "OK, but will you dress up as a clown?".

I will leave that decision up to you, but i will share with you some tested ideas for activities for children 3-8 years old.

1. Treasure hunt:
Classic and beloved!
You will need some smart hideaways and notes with small riddles which will guide children from one hideaway to another, until reaching the treasure. It would be good if the game would include at least 10 hideaways. You can augment this number as the children grow up, while you can also set up two different treasures and separate children in two groups, which will compete. This game is even more fun outdoors, i.e. garden etc.

2. Inflated toy: Home made
Inflated toys are number 1 in children's preferences. You can rent inflated toys for children's parties, but it's very easy and economical to make your own. All you need is a large inflatable children's pool and soft multi-coloured balls. Just place it and the children will take care of the rest!

3. Stuffed pets' factory:
Wuggle Pets
You will need the Wuggle Pets machine, pets in several designs, one helper and one... register. Ask the children to select the pet that they prefer, its character and its name. Put the stuffing inside the machine, together with the magic star dust and the tab with its character, and the stuffed pet is ready! All you need to do is write the names of the lilliputian owner and of the pet on the birth certificate. 

So, arms yourselves with high spirits, patience, loud voice and enthusiasm (the clown suit is optional!), surprise your little guests and win the biggest acknowledgement from your young one, "Mum, do you want to be a regular clown and go to parties with me?".