Custom Genie Bra - Our new summer love!


The Genie Bra is arguably the most comfortable bra ever! Or rather it was, up until the new Custom Genie Bra was launched.

The new Custom Genie Bra is strapless with detachable straps that lock into 32 different positions, creating many different combinations to match every outfit.

Made out of the same soft material, seamless and with no underwires, with removable pads that support the heavy bust while flattering the smaller sizes.

However, what we say is not as important as the stories that 4 friends of the classic Genie Bra shared with us after trying out the new Custom Genie Bra.

"I wear the Genie Bra (size Large) all the time and enjoy the perfect fit and comfort. Recently I tried the new Custom Genie Bra and was completely satisfied. I wear it daily with straps in the normal position and find it very comfortable and cooler than the classic Genie Bra. I prefer to wear it without the pads. I have not tried it yet as a strapless bra but I am sure it will be as comfortable."

Evelyn C. 39 years old

"I wore the Genie Bra (size Large) daily before getting pregnant and I continue to wear it during my pregnancy - without the pads - it is still the most comfortable bra for me. Recently I tried the Custom Genie Bra and loved the firm feel and perfect fit. Although my breasts have grown heavier the Custom Genie Bra was able to support them even without the straps."

Helen L. 35 years old

"I wear only Genie Bra (size Large) with the pads because I love they way it forms the chest and. Recently I tried Custom Genie Bra and found it very comfortable for garments with straps or summer dresses."

Catherine M. 60 years old

"I wear only Genie Bra (size Medium) in the last two years, except when I needed a strapless bra. I recently purchased the Custom Genie Bra and found that it fits perfectly and has a variety of colors to match different outfits, while the strap combinations and the detachable straps allow you to wear it with almost every outfit."

Georgia T. 29 years old

Tell us and you what you think of the new Custom Genie Bra!