DIY Party Food!

files/1/Blog/croissant-betty bossi.jpgHow are we going to impress our guests without spending a fortune on catering?

We have the solution. It’s called Betty Bossi! She will become our best friend! Let’s head to the kitchen and prepare the aforementioned buffet.

Initially, we prepare the savory croissants.

We need a Betty Bossi croissant maker
Puff pastry (the quantity depends on the number of kids)
Gouda cheese grated
Turkey or ham

We lay out the puff pastry; place the special tool on the puff pastry and press. We then add a little cheese and ham/turkey in the openings of the mould and lift it so we can roll the croissants. Roll, bake and in approximately 20 minutes they are ready!

And now to the pies. Any kind of pies we prefer. Either cheese, ham, sausage, spinach and many more. Let’s take a look at the simplest ones. Since we learn to make those, anything else is easy as pie.
We need…
a Betty Bossi stuffed pastry maker
Pie crust/dough
Feta cheese

We place our crust on our tool, fill up the openings and shut the lid. Once we open it, our pies are ready to bake. We coat them with a beaten egg and bake for 12 minutes. Smells great!

Some trendy salad. Some what? Some fancy salad! Vegetable spaghetti and noodles, potato or cucumber twisters and many many more. Parents and kids will be astonished! The procedure is very simple. We place the vegetable of our choice in the Betty Bossi vegetable twister and twist twist. It’s simply the best!

And finally the old time classic canapés. With our Betty Bossi tool, we pour the mixture in the moulds after we have placed the mould in a non-stick pan and fry for about 3.5 minutes. Let it cool and add whatever we like.

And here is the basic recipe for our mixture:
90 gr all purpose flour, 1/3 tsp salt, ¾ tsp yeast, 100 ml milk, 3 tbsp heavy cream diluted, 1 tbsp soft butter, 1 egg yolk, 1 egg white beaten in meringue, some olive oil for the pan

We mix half of our flour and salt with the yeast and the rest of the ingredients until the egg yolk. We cover our mixture and leave it for 30 minutes in room temperature. Afterwards, add the rest of the flour and leave it for another half an hour and in the end we add the meringue.

And ofcourse, all of the above suggestions may be transformed into sweet creations by adding chocolate, cream, apple and more.

Easy, fast, affordable and healthy party food solutions for our kids and us! And we did it by ourselves! We are so proud!