It's a hairy issue... (Part 1)

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Hairy_Issue_1.jpgMany say that hair is the 40% of our appearance... We'll agree with that! So many women spend most of their monthly budget on hairdressers'! So many men and women go through a small shock when they discover their first white hair! How many shampoos are not about to turn into "4 in 1", adding volume, eliminating dandruff, treating hair loss, preserving the natural color and everything together? 

There are many and interesting solutions in the market... But how can we find the most suitable solution for our needs, without taxing our wallet?

Mission: Styling

A very interesting suggestion is a rotating styling device, such as Instyler. This product is different, because it uses less heat from the usual "irons", thanks to its four aligned brushes. It straightens, curls, adds volume, and in general is the ideal accessory for our necessary styling routine on Saturday nights!

For a more particular style, there are smart accessories for a professional result, such as Bump Its, that add volume to your hair, and save your hair from creping or the Whirl A Style accessories, which will help you impress everyone! 

Of course, there cannot be missing from our choices a styling powder, especially when it has a light texture that does not "stick" (very important!) and can give you highly professional results. The innovative Total Volume Hair, which is used by famous hairdressers. 

And two more really convenient products, for fast styling solutions are the straightener with Aloe extract or the curly look with Ginseng extract.

To be continued