files/1/kourampiedes2.gifWe have the best recipe for koyrampiedes that will make our house and our whole neighbourhood smell irresistible, freshly baked delicacies… Can’t wait to start!

300 gr of fresh cow’s butter (room temperature)
50 gr sugar
600-700 gr flour
1 shot of brandy
1.5 cup roasted almonds
1sachet vanilla
1 teaspoon baking powder
Caster sugar for sprinkling

We cut the butter into pieces, preferably with a ceramic knife so it won’t stick on it.
We stir in the mixer for about 10 minutes, the butter and the sugar.
Once they have become like custard, we turn off the mixer and we resist at the temptation.
As long as the mixer was on, we were cutting the almonds one by one with our knife. Being extra careful not to cut our hand…
It is better to buy roasted almonds than buying raw almonds and roasting them ourselves.
We pour the brandy on top of them and let them get drunk until we need them.
Into the temptation-mixture we pour the flour, baking powder and vanilla and we start kneading. When the dough has been formed, we add the drunken almonds into it and knead until they have been spread everywhere.

Baking time!

We make small balls and place them onto our iron plate. We don’t care about their shape. They are so delicious that their shape doesn’t matter.

We bake them into a preheated oven for 20 minutes in 180 degrees.
We finally sprinkle caster sugar on top of them and serve. 

Those little, snowy delicacies just added extra holiday taste in our homes.