Let’s clean up!

files/1/C44FA8EE22156876C59876E0E2BC3F4E.jpgIt is about time to clean up our whole house and welcome the upcoming season. We grab our “weapons” and we are ready to extinguish dirt.

Initially, we disinfect our home… without chemicals and detergents and without extra costs of course! We use Cleanmaxx 5 in 1 for all surfaces such as carpets, floors and any other area we judge it needs cleaning. The power of steam will sterilize everything.

We continue our cleaning process, but now it is more specialized. When we said it is time for cleaning, we meant the whole lot. Even mattresses. Thankfully UV Ultra Vac eliminates mites and bacteria that live in our mattress thanks to its UV rays and therefore, it provides us a better sleep. 

It’s time for a dusting in depth. Such depth that everything will be shiny! How? With Le Double Clean n Dry, the ideal solution for cleaning parquet, tile, linoleum and any other floors without detergents. Its reversible mop head enables us to use two cleaning surfaces. 

And in the end, we mop. But not with a conventional mop. Our aim is to leave clean and clear behind us. Conventional mops don’t recycle the water and thus, the dirty water comes back to the floor. The solution is Mr. Maxx Power Mop, the mop with the double filter system that separates the clean water from the dirty.

And last but practical! If we wish to maintain our house clean, it is not necessary to use big vacuums with big poles. We can as well use a small, handheld vacuum cleaner anytime anywhere. We dropped crumbs? We spilled coffee? No need to worry, handheld Cleanmaxx Vacuum Cleaner is bagless and it collects all! 

We are covered… we cleaned up everything! It feels good!
Let’s get some rest now…