Let’s get organized…summer is coming!


June may be coming in a month, but our mind is running at beaches, bathing suits and ice creams! But prior to those, we have to get organized and get rid of the winter. How? By beginning from our winter clothes.

All those jackets, sweaters, coats, sweatshirts, scarves and all the related clothing, conceive space in our closets and they won’t let our summer clothes fit in. We confront the same issue every year. Where are we going to store all these? The best and most practical solution is the Vac Pack Set. Those magical bags store and protect our clothes while they take up half the space in our closets. We continue with our shoes.

It’s about time we gathered our boots and warm shoes and let our sandals and moccasins welcome us. We need a shoe shelf that we can place it anywhere. Our wish came true!

The extendable shoe shelf is exactly what we need. It fits up to 10 pairs of shoes and we can adjust its length up to 1.14 meter. Therefore, we have enough space to place all our winter shoes.

And for the rest… the details!

Summer is all about wearing accessories such as big, colorful purses, bandanas, hats, stained shirts and much more. However, every year, after winter, we tend to forget providing space for all these. There is a way to tidy up everything. The clothes rack star literally, rescues us. It has enough space for everything! We can hang our floral dresses and our colorful shirts; we can place our boxes with our hats, bandanas and hippie bracelets in them; we can hang our beautiful purses, and we can place our sandals. The best part is that we are able to adjust its height and its length according to our needs and we can position it anywhere since it moves with wheels.

For every problem there is a solution. And we found lots of them.

Once we have organized our clothing, we are now free to welcome summer with a tasty homemade ice cream.