Summer time, nights at the patio, ice cream, relaxation moments… mosquitoes! Why do they need to show up and disturb our beautiful, relaxing moments? We step out and they attack us, we go to bed and they attack us again with their annoying Zzzzzz! What can we do about it?

Besides the usual aromatic devices that are not as ecological and as aromatic, how can be get rid off the disturbing flying insects?

We have a lot of suggestions. Beginning with the mosquito trap Jata MT5. The ultraviolet light attracts mosquitoes and the aspiration fan catches them and exterminates them. A simple device that we can place it in any position and it is totally harmless for human beings.

As for that sweet moment when we are about to fall asleep and the annoying noise of a mosquito awaken us, the best solution is the mosquito repeller fan Plug-A. We simply place it in a plug and it takes over the rest. It doesn’t allow the mosquitoes to approach us while it pulls them in with its fan and the small LED light. Without intense smells and without noise.

If, however, we enjoy spending time with our friends in our patio, the Fly Line Zapper is definitely the best solution! With this device all flying insects, including mosquitoes, get attracted from the light and the internal grid won’t let them disturb us ever again. The most drastic solution!

In case we don’t want to use any devices, we may as well use self-protection. Which means, we can spray ourselves with Aloe & Citronella protect spray so the mosquitoes won’t even come near us, either we have or don’t have certain devices. This spray is completely natural with lavender and geranium extracts while the Aloe and Citronella combination have a relieving effect for young and old.

Finally, we can prevent the mosquito invasion in our house and therefore, save us from the war by simply placing the Magic Klick mosquito net. It easily adapts to all doors and the unwanted mosquitoes can’t enter into our house.

And then we can enjoy a nice summer sleep…