Organize your autumn closet!

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Closet_Upgrade.jpgEven though the weather may be full of surprises and we ended up wearing t-shirts or even swimsuits, instead of cardigans, the time to take down winter clothing and store summer clothing will arrive shortly. It's one of the chores that must be done, so let's find ways to make it as easy and quickly as possible. We searched and found in smart solutions, in order to make this boring chore a piece of cake!

Your first and basic concern is to wash all clothes before storing them. Waist no time in ironing, they will be surely wrinkled, so gain time and leave ironing for spring. See solutions for laundry; our tip is the biological soap, which will help you get rid of even the most difficult stains, easily and ecologically.

After that comes the difficult part: our closets are so small that it's impossible to fit all summer clothing together with the winter one. Let's settle, then, with storing them during the winter, until the next summer. Storing however must be made in a smart way, in order to take advantage of the smallest free space in our closet.

See below our suggestions for space saving and neat closet:

Use the special storage bags for clothes, that use vacuum to store clothes.  This way, we obtain more space, since the volume of the clothes is drastically reduced, and our clothes don't smell. The special Vac Pack bags are the ideal solution.

Small accessories such as these can help us a lot in our everyday choosing of clothes. We find everything we need faster and without irritation, and, most of all, a neat closet makes it easier to take out and store clothes, without wrinkling them and wasting time. Seek these practical solutions/accessories in, where you will find many other suggestions for home care, carpet care and in general solutions for a "smart" home, in very advantageous prices.