Saint Valentines’ dinner under candle light


Saint Valentines’ day is approaching and we still haven’t found a gift. Maybe a romantic dinner under candle light? Ideal! Here is our recipe

Let’s make it simple and as light as it gets. It’s a three course menu. A salad, chicken a le crème and mousse au chocolat.

We cut our vegetables. Namely, we wash our vegetables and place them on our Dicer Express. Within a minute we have a colorful, delicious and nutritional salad. Peppers, carrots, cabbage, onions and even apples and oranges will add taste and color.  Our imagination will guide us.

For our chicken.

We need:

2 chicken breasts

250 gr crème freche

10 slices f bacon

100 gr cheese (gouda, edam etc)

1 onion

Fresh mushrooms (as much as we like)

Some olive oil

Salt and pepper

First we cut our mushrooms into small pieces. Then we sauté them (adding minimum amount of olive oil) in an anti-stick pan, preferably with ceramic coating. That way we won’t add extra oils since the bacon itself we expel its own fat. Then we grate the onion on a grater and we sauté that as well. In this mixture, we add our crème freche and let it heat up. In the end, we add salt, pepper and cheese.

As for our chicken, we can roast it in a pan and then put the pan into the oven till it gets.

We serve topping with the sauce. 

Are we ready for our dessert? Yupeee!!

200 gr couverture

200 gr whipping crème

100 gr hot milk

We stir in a mixer the whipping crème till it gets whipped. We leave it aside.

Then, we break our chocolate into pieces and pour the hot milk in it and stir with spoon. When it is cooled enough, we mix the whipped crème with the chocolate mixture until they get merged.

We serve into bowls and decorate as we wish.

So simple. No time consuming no difficult!

We almost forgot! We decorate our table with scented candles that never get burned but they do create a lovely and romantic atmosphere.

Happy Valentines’ day!