Self renovation

files/1/donna_PAI277000029.jpgAnd we are back… back to reality. The only thing that’s left is our summer memories. It’s time we refreshed ourselves and feel good!

Our hair and skin has been tortured due to the heat and sea salt. We do have a solution though. Simple stuff as rejuveanting and anti-wrinkle creams since the sun makes our skin grow older no matter how much sunblock we apply. Also, hydrating creams and lotions for our body and our skin will shine again. 

As for our hair; toning shampoos with nourishing action will give an extra shine to our dull hair. These will act as balm to our hair after all this salt and heat. 

And we’ve reached our nails. Our damaged nails and cracked heels. Obviously we do need a complete manicure and pedicure set plus one device. No need to ask professional help. We have everything we need in our house. After our manis and pedis a nail serum would be ideal for our beaute.  

And last but not least. Our selves. A true revitalization comes from the inside. We need to detox from the excessive eating, drinking and sunbathing. Grape detox would be perfect as grapes are the master season fruit. We do need however a fine juicer. Slow juicers are the best way to receive the maximum amount of nutrients. Consuming juices will help us feel better and fresh! 

And this is our come back… We may misconduct, though, for as long as the weather is good and it reminds summer.