Slimming: Men or women, we all want it!


In the matter of slimming the "strength in unity" saying applies. So, if you want to see faster results, you can use together the right products which will help you in the battle against local fat, loose skin and stretch marks.

How do we select the right slimming product?

First of all, the product we choose must cover the need we have. That's why men as well have special slimming lines which deal with the male local fat in the most efficient manner.

Secondly, it must be used in a convenient way. Select from sprays, roll ons or slimming lines which act while you are... sleeping!

1. Reduxelle roll on 75ml for men
2. Reduxelle cream 200ml for men
3. Slim Men cream 200ml for men
4. Reduxelle roll on 75ml for women
5. Reduxelle cream 200ml for women
6. Slim Bell cream 200ml for women