Smart and economical house solutions!

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Smart_Inhouse_Solutions.jpgBack from vacations and all seem to go back to that same dull routine? Don't give up and make your home, the space where you will relax and let go. We searched the and found economical and smart suggestions for the house, students' homes and storage solutions for your summer clothes.

Along with the vacations, summer is ending, so we must store our summer clothes. See storage solutions which will save you space, money and help you protect clothes from humidity and dust. The ideal choice, Vac Pack vacuum storage bags, will impress you with their space saving abilities. A timeless choice is Vu Boxes shoe boxes so as to store those sandals.

You don't need to spend a fortune on the student's home nor buy heavy furniture, which, sooner or later, must be moved. We found cheap and manageable solutions which will help you. The Restform Double bed, which can be inflated and deflated in 3 minutes, is the master-key for every student home. It saves space and is the ideal solution. We cannot not have home-made food, no matter how far the student home is, with the always fresh box & bag set, which keeps food fresh. It can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, freezer and is very practical. Ideal for every student home.

In you can find a large variety of small furniture and kitchen equipment, which will surely make your life easier. You will find many offers all of September in home-ware, kitchenware and personal care products, so don't hesitate to freshen up your home and make the renewal that will change your disposition.

Visit the digital show cases of, make your buys with cash on delivery or via credit card and live your own FALL of prices.