Student apartments

files/1/1500_.jpgSummer is almost gone… students are packing up and can’t wait to begin the best period of their lives by decorating their new house that is going to host them for the next few years.

Parents, on the other hand, are stressed out because they are trying to find the best solutions for their kids. Meaning, the most practical, affordable and “cool” stuff for a student.

Students need only the basic. Which means…
For the kitchen: kitchenware such as pots and pans (preferably ceramic), cutlery and of course a small oven. A halogen oven would be ideal since no student fancies big ovens as he will never cook a huge meal. Besides, that’s why moms are for to visit.

For the living room: inflatable furniture in trendy colors is perfect because it is light weight and comfy and once the student years are over, they may as well take them with them. And at this point, it’s worth mentioning the must have for all ages… the Table Mate will definitely become their best friend. Obviously students don’t really wish for a big table that occupies precious space in their house. However, they do want a place where they can place their laptop or where they can eat while they watch TV.

For the bathroom:a mat, a laundry bin and a set of toothbrush cup/soap dish are the absolutely necessary for a bathroom. All of them trendy, practical and affordable. A students’ trilogy!  
For the bedroom: simple stuff. A good mattress and linen are the essential and we usually choose good quality in order to have quality sleep. We don’t mess with sleep. DORMEO mattesses are anatomical, orthopedic, anti-allergic and they are reasonably priced. As for the linen, we can choose with confidence one of KENTIA’s sorts that offer us quality and design. 

There we go! Simple ideas and solutions for our students and not only…