Summer accessories and tips

files/1/perles-jackie-kolie2.jpgWe can’t have summer without accessories. A simple white t-shirt can transform into a sensational appearance with the proper accessories... and in the most affordable way. 

No need to waste a fortune on fancy clothes, dresses e.t.c. They usually cost a fortune and we don’t really feel comfortable in there. 

Let’s utilize whatever we have in our closets, as long as we have the proper accessories to combine them.
And by the term “accessories” we mean anything that can be worn on top of our clothes. Namely, jewelry, scarves, purses e.t.c. 

For instance, if we do have a white or black t-shirt, we can combine it with a pair of jeans and with this outfit we are able to go to work, go out for a coffee or even have a drink at night.

For work… we wear a simple flat shoe and a beautiful, long pendant necklace in summer shades like turquoise. If the shirt has a V neckline, we can respectively sport a short necklace so as to emphasize our neckline. And add a summer touch with a breezy, silk scarf.

For a walk… we can reclaim the same style as above by adding, a beautiful and trendy watch in bright summer colors. We can highlight our watch by wearing a large ring on our finger. And finish our style by bearing hair jewelry that is IN fashion this year. 

And for our night out… we leave aside the above accessories and instead, we wear our long earrings. However, the long earrings need to be emphasized with a stunning bun! And finally, we may replace the flat shoes with heels and charm up with some romantic make up

We forgot our most important accessory…
Our smile, of course! And off we go!