Summer smoothies for everyone!

files/1/12FE1A6E47D4DFA921B4988D29FC2A5C.jpgThere’s nothing better than a cold smoothie during hot summer days. Offer your self a refreshing and nutrient smoothie or juice and enjoy its dew!

Homemade smoothies are the best since they are made of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Detox, hydration, vitamins, antiaging, wellness are some of the words that describe the benefits that they offer us.

We blend the fruits and the vegetables of our preference into a powerful blender. Smoothie To GoBlender To Go and Rainbow Blender are the ideal blenders for our mission. They are powerful and they specialize in the fruit delicacy preparation while they have excellent results within a minute. 

We can as well experiment on various combinations such as, fruit and vegetable mixed up with particular preference on tomatoes, carrots and avocado (regarding vegetables) and all the seasonal fruits.

Furthermore, we can enrich them by adding dried nuts like walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts or some superfoods, for instance goji berries, flaxseed and more. 

Especially during summer season, we enjoy even more drinking cold beverages by which we can even replace a whole meal and offer ourselves hydration, health and a low calorie diet!