Thick, natural hair in just 30’’


Men and women who suffer from hair loss, frail and thinning hair, have a common problem: because their skin shows through, their hair seem few and their scalps "empty".

This can be dealt with some very popular products, which work by reducing the colour contrast between hair and scalp and camouflage the skin among the hair.

There are 4 kinds of products
: powders, pastes, sprays and micro fibres, which are sold in different colours, to suit every hair colour. Apart from micro fibres, all other categories have serious drawbacks: the scalp seems unnatural, it's impossible to apply them exactly, they often cause irritations resulting in hair loss, they "discolour" when we sweat or touch our hair, are difficult to remove by washing (3-4 times), and, worst of all, can be easily spotted due to their unnatural look. 

In contrast, the micro fiber products have total application precision and natural look, are not affected by any activities,  are inert and not connected with irritations or interactions with medical treatments against hair loss, are easy to remove by washing your hair and, when used correctly, are never evident.

Kmax Milano® can be used by most people with thinning hair or with hair transplants. It offers natural coverage and high density, even for persons with thin and frail hair.

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