A very common question for all women. We suddenly feel like we are out of ideas. Where did all the food go? Why do we keep eating the same stuff? During weekdays we prepare something fast because we are out of time and we end up cooking properly only on weekends. Our beloved stew, our roast chicken with potatoes or our tasteful fish seem to us like a dream since they take so long to be cooked. Have we ever thought of cooking in a roaster during weekdays? Neveeer….until now!

But if someone told us that there is a roaster that cooks twice as fast, thrice as tasty and it can be cleaned for times easier? Would we try it? Of course we would! How? With BIOLUX roaster! Any food we had in mind, we can now cook it in BIOLUX roaster
For today’s menu, we suggest something easy and affordable.

Chicken with potatoes in the oven


1 small chicken or 3 legs

3-4 potatoes (chopped)








We put the chicken, the potatoes, the salt, the pepper and the oregano in the roaster. In addition, we add lemon by using Press Citron in order to avoid dropping those annoying cores in our food. In the end, we add the olive oil and the rosemary among with a small glass of water. And into the oven!! In the preheated oven, for 50 minutes at 180 degrees C

Dring!! It’s time to face the wonderful result! Chicken is sizzling, our sauce has the perfection composition, not so liquid neither so thick. Potatoes are melting in our mouth while they have a acquired the perfect taste from all the seasonings. The chicken has formed a beautiful, golden crust and all these wicked tastes are done with least effort and within minimum time.

We accompany our chicken with a colourful seasonal salad that we have prepared as easy with our multi chopper Nicer Dicer. And in the end we add to our salad some pomegranate. No, don’t worry; we weren’t intending to discomfort you through the last stage. We are aware that we all avoid pomegranate because it is trouble to pit it, even though we love it! Art Apils removal tool, offers us our beloved pomegranate within 2 minutes and no trouble at all! We can use it in salads, in juices or plain.

We are now ready to enjoy our meal!

Buon appetite!