Wuggle Pets… bring them to life!

files/1/50FC01FEAFBF5397ADB9B3854A87D188.jpgLet the kids use their imagination and bring to life wonderful pets by themselves. In their own laboratory… the best gift for kids!

All kids love playing with dolls and stuffed animals. Many of them have their own favourite one and they always carry it with them. Some even sleep with it.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could participate in their “birth” procedure? Meaning, they could choose an animal and then bring it to life by themselves. And even better… in their own lab. Incredible yet real…

Wuggle Pets enliven our dreams. With some magic dust and the necessary materials, wuggle pets come to life! Afterwards, the kids can give them names and complete their birth certificate. 

Those little pets will become their best friends! They are small and thus they can always carry them along. Or they can hang them on their school bags. And here is a great idea… we can hang them on our future Christmas tree as an ornament. They are a true ornament!

All kids will love them! Such beautiful colors, such beauty… but what will win impressions is the procedure. If they do it with friends they will have a blast of a time. 

And we’ve got more! All mummies can offer them as a present at their kids’ party. Or they may as well entertain them at their party and hence each kid will return at their house with their own stuffed animal! 

The ideas never end. Let your kids play with these magical toys!