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Top Car Polish 500 ml 2.9 EUR
Top Car Polish 500 ml
Top Car Polish 500 ml

Top Car Polish 500 ml


Top Car cleans, cares and protects your car.



Top Car super concentrate is a product especially developed for all lacquers, artificial resins, acrylic and metallic surfaces as well as chrome parts.

Not only in the automobile branch but also in the normal household Top Car provides a protective shield and brightness for a long time.

Top Car removes dirt, tar, rust, insects, breaking dust etc.The result of using Top Car is a highly-gloss lacquer with an intensive colour-depth and visible care for your car.

It's so easy: Wash your car and apply Top Car right after washing on the wet lacquer. Just a little dash of Top Car is enough for the whole bonnet.

Top Car also is optimal to clean, protect and seal your alu-rims. Persistent breaking dust can be removed easily and once sealed with Top Car they're protected from getting dirty soon again.

Thanks to Top Car dirt doesn't stick to the treated surfaces as before and also can be removed more easily during the next car washing. Rain drips off and let's your car shine in new splendour.

Top Car is highly recommended for brass, copper, aluminium, chrome, nickel, marble, resopal, lacquer, synthetic furniture, glassware, porcelains, plastic window frames and all other plain surfaces.

Weight 500 gr