Heating Scarf 4695

Heated scarf for those frosty days.

From 39,90-63%

Product code: ΣΚΑΡΦ4695
Guarantee: 6 months
Weight: 360 gr
Length: 128 cm
Width: 17 cm
Power supply: Batteries
Battery type: 3 Χ ΑΑ

Get warm during winters' frosty days with the heating scarf!

It keeps your neck and shoulders toasty warm and protects them from the wind.

You just found the ideal companion for long walks or even stadium visits on cold days.

Its cuddly fabric with heated surface in the neck area will offer you warmth up to 3 hours.

The scarf is battery operated while the batteries are in a distinctive handy storage bag.

Do not use rechargeable batteries.



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