Silk scarf 90x90

Trendy two-tone scarf for all occasions.

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From 39-49%

Product code: ΜΑΝΤ90-ΣΙΓΚProduct code: ΜΑΝΤ90-ΣΙΠΡProduct code: ΜΑΝΤ90-ΓΚΓΚ
Weight: 80 gr
Length: 90 cm
Width: 90 cm

Silk scarves by Tsiakiris, a brand known for its genuine silk accessories that offer a touch of luxury to every appearance.

For more than 50 years, Tsiakiris, the only fully integrated silk industry in Greece, draws inspiration from and keeps alive the tradition of silk production in Soufli, creating superior quality products made out of pure silk.

The history of silk goes back centuries and is intertwined with Chinese stories and myths. According to the legend, the art of silkworm breeding was accidentally discovered by Chinese empress Si-Ling-Chi, in 2690 BC. This art remained a secret for 20 centuries and it wasn't until the Byzantine era, when it was first introduced in Europe.

Silk is a 100% natural product, a mixture of two proteins produced by an animal organism, with no chemical additives. The existence of this protein in the fiber layers of silk make it very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Silk is highly absorbent; it remains dry even if it has absorbed 30% of its weight in water. In addition, it has excellent anti-allergic and heat conducting qualities, resulting in silk garments feeling warm in wintertime and cool in summertime.

The two-tone silk scarves are made from 100% Greek high quality silk. The print of each scarf is produced by digital printing technology, using special color dyes to produce original designs.



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