Tone-Tee t-shirt

Means' T-shirt for a slimmer figure.

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Product code: ΤΟΝΕΤ-ΛΧΧΛ
Weight: 230 gr

With Tone Tee you get comfort, compression and confidence making you look slimmer, trimmer and leaner. You'll see results instantly!

Tone Tee's super-slimming secret is its specially-designed 360 degree Tone Technology - precision core stabilising compression panels which target key problem areas for men

Special built-in temperature control breathe-in-technology
The premium stretchable blended fabric fits firmly and comfortably against the skin so there's no bulk under clothes

The athletic design is engineered for maximum mobility
It also retains its shape… so it's super comfortable for extra wearability, day-in, day-out.
The nylon, elastane make up of the tone tee allows air to pass through more easily, meaning you don't sweat. The actual open knit pattern is our exclusive design - patent pending, which means that it is unique.

With its seamless fabric and stylish V neck design, Tone Tee is virtually invisible and undetectable under clothing. No-one will know it's there. Wear Tone Tee under your clothes for total comfort, support and the appearance of upper body definition…all day, every day.

No more feeling self-conscious, enjoy the benefits every other man is enjoying with Tone Tee!

- Machine wash cold or with like colours at 20 degrees
- Do not iron
- Tumble dry on cool
- Do not bleach



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