Hollywood Pants 3 pcs set

Hollywood pants have a high-waisted double layer that'll make you look thinner.

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Product code: ΧΟΛΥΓ-ΣΜ
Weight: 890 gr

Unlike normal pants where the waist band actually sits below the waist creating muffin tops Hollywood Pants are high-waisted. The double layer waistband compresses and shapes the tummy and waist to make the wearer look thinner, taller and more shapely. The backside is cut higher than the front which means the pants pull the wearers behind upwards to look more pert.

- High waisted to make your legs look longer
- Flattens your stomach and hides muffin tops in seconds
- Makes your legs look longer and leaner
- Comfortable for any occasion, dress them up or down
- Comes in 3 styles - with buttons, zippers and rhinestones



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