Slim down the easy way just by walking.

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Weight: 230 gr
Weight: 230 gr

Now burning calories and slimming is fast and easy thanks to Slimmettes sandals: you'll notice the difference in just 28 days.

Slimmettes sandals will help you slim down easily using a reliable method without diets or drugs. What's the secret? The 9 degree angle, which ensures the heel is lower than the toes. This makes the calves stretch and your body work more so you burn calories. The exercise is like walking on beach sand or climbing stairs.

The raised-dot design on the sandal's insole improves circulation and helps reduce cellulite. The 9 degree angle shifts your body's centre of gravity back so your spinal column is in a naturally firm, perfect position.

Together you will get, completely free, one carrying bag for your sandals, one dietary plan, as well as a portable radio.



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