Stepluxe Slippers

The anti-fatigue slippers that help relieve pressure from the body.

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Product code: ΣΣΛΙΠΕΡ-ΣΜΠProduct code: ΣΣΛΙΠΕΡ-ΜΜΠProduct code: ΣΣΛΙΠΕΡ-ΛΜΠProduct code: ΣΣΛΙΠΕΡ-ΧΛΜΠ
Weight: 470 gr
Weight: 470 gr
Weight: 480 gr
Weight: 480 gr

The secret is in the sole. The Stepluxe Slippers contain the patented anti-fatigue gel that is designed to:
- support and cushion feet and
- relieve pressure from the body.

They ease the aches and pains of the knees and lower back associated with tired feet.

The anti-fatigue gel does not lose its qualities or flattens out giving you a durable support.

Wear them and feel the difference right away!



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