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Instant increase in height, an almost perfect balance, stimulates reflexology zones, magnetic beads for a healthy body.

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Product code: ΣΒ5841-Ε
Weight: 1,2 kg

The designers of the Sport shoe 5.8 imagined the 1st sport shoe featuring a unique, biomechanical sole - of 5.8cm - that works on your entire body and helps:

1) Improve foot articulation
Wearing sport or dress shoes with ordinary soles can cause uneven weight distribution:
The majority of the body weight (66%) is displaced backwards.
Thanks to the special 5.8cm sole of the Sport Shoe 5.8, you get optimal and balanced weight distribution between the front (50%) and back (50%) of the foot.
This distribution of weight will relieve foot pain and improve overall articulation, giving you a comfortable and pleasant walking experience.

2) Enhance your height instantly
The special sole of the Sport Shoe 5.8, allows you to be precious centimeters taller which has never been heard of before!
Ladies, you no longer have to suffer in high heels that hurt your feet and cause backaches! Men, no more obvious lifts or heelpieces!

3) Absorb shock
With every step, a shockwave is created from the impact of your heel hitting the floor. This shock, also known as negative energy, is the source of micro-trauma to the bone and articulations, which can lead to arthritis, fractures, fatigue and back pain.
With the Sport Shoe 5.8, you get an absorbing air cushion sole to increase comfort and absorb shocks while you walk, improving articulation and reducing muscle fatigue.
Not only that, the Sport Shoe 5.8 has dozens of massage points strategically placed in order to recreate the sensations of reflexology.



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