WM Outdoor Sportsmaster watch

The most sportive and technologically advanced wrist watch.

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Product code: ΡΟΛ07
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 200 gr
Power supply: Batteries

Can you imagine a watch that tells you the time, the ambience temperature, the altitude in meters above sea level, the weather forecast of the next 24 hours (and all of this with historical that will help you detect tendencies) and that also acts as a compass?

And that also is a precise chronograph capable of measuring time in tenths and hundreds of a second splits?

And if all that was not sufficient, it is an outstanding Ski Chronometer, storing in memory the date of the ski run, at what time you started the run, how high was the speed achieved, the angle of descent and all the changes in altitude that have occurred during the run. And all that not just for one run. the watch will store in its memory 5 runs and thus enable you to compare the performances.

And the greatest attraction of this watch is that in spite of the great diversity of information that it provides, it is extremely simple to handle.

- 12 or 24 hours format
- Auto Calendar pre-programmed from 2004 to 2099
- 4 symbols to indicate the weather forecast
- 2 different alarm clock modes and hourly chime on request
- Chronograph
- Chronometer
- Dual Time
- Ski Mode
- Altimeter
- Compass
- Thermometer
- Electro-luminescent (EL) light
- Low battery indicator
- Rubber ergonomic strap.



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