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Decompression belt Physio Dr Ho 39.9 Brand new Euro
Decompression belt Physio Dr Ho
Decompression belt Physio Dr Ho

Decompression belt Physio Dr Ho

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An inflatable belt which helps support and relieve your back.


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Developed by specialist Dr. Michael Ho, the Decompression Belt is unlike any other support belt, because it also provides clinical grade traction and decompression therapy. Decompression is a proven technique endorsed by medical professionals to help relieve back pain. So now you can get relief for your back pain without drugs or surgery.

Just wrap the Decompression Belt firmly around you waist, attach the pump, and inflate the belt. As the belt inflates with air, it expands vertically, gently stretching and tractioning the lower back. This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs and stretch tight muscles.

Because the HoPhysio Belt fills with air, it is not bulky and very light, so you can wear this discreetly underneath your every day clothes. Wear it for just 30 minutes a day as a therapy belt. Or wear it all day while you work and play as an activity belt. You can even wear the Belt to get a restful night's sleep. The dual purpose of the HoPhysio Belt allows you to not only get home physiotherapy, but also to be active and do everything you've avoided.

Weight 1.37 kg
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