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Perfect Toy 19.9 EUR
Perfect Toy
Perfect Toy
Perfect Toy
Perfect Toy
Perfect Toy

Perfect Toy


Play with your erotic fantasy.



In some relationships, one of the partners really enjoys sex, while the other one not so much. This is not fair for the couple and can seriously damage the relationship.

DON'T FORGET THAT: The couples' problems begin and end in bed!

Some men truly don't know their partners. They don't know what pleases them and what they truly enjoy. And a lot of women prefer not to talk about it.

With Perfect Toy you can play with your erotic fantasies and explore the desire and satisfaction of your partner.

That's why Perfect Toy is an ideal gift for your other half as well, designed to awaken desires and help you reach the heights of erotic pleasure which you dream of and make everything seem more beautiful.

Perfect Toy is made of the same latex that is used for pacifiers, which means that it's hypoallergenic and suitable for the sensitive areas.

It functions with one rechargeable lithium battery, within its perfectly watertight interior.

Perfect Toy is the vibrator which will awaken your desire, help you reach orgasm and stay there for a long time.

Whether alone, or with your partner, it stimulates your most sensitive parts

It is dispatched in a discreet package within a few days.

From all wonderful and pleasant life's things, this is truly unique. And there's nothing that comes any close... not even chocolate...

Guarantee 6 months
Weight 460 gr

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