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Stress Eraser 69.9 Brand new Euro
Stress Eraser
Stress Eraser
Stress Eraser

Stress Eraser


Combat stress with the Stress Eraser.



We all know that slowing down your breathing can slow down your heart rate and help you relax. The Stress Eraser cues you to not only slow your breathing but, just as importantly, to synchronize your inhales and exhales with the natural cycle of your heart rate.

Here's how it works: From beat to beat, your heart rate naturally increases and decreases in a cycle, known as HRV, or Heart Rate Variability. Using a harmless infrared sensor, the Stress Eraser measures HRV from the pulse in your fingertip. The Stress Eraser Breath wave actually displays the time between your heart beats - known as the inter-beat interval.

The Stress Eraser Breath wave is like a window into your nervous system. When you're stressed, your wave is jagged and spiky; when you're relaxed, your wave becomes smooth and consistent, like a sine wave. Stress Eraser HRV is so accurate that you can actually see the impact of your inhales, your exhales and your thoughts on your heart rate cycle.

The Stress Eraser is not approved for the treatment of any condition. It is registered with the FDA with an indication for "Relaxation, Relaxation Training, and Stress Reduction."

Guarantee 6 months
Weight 480 gr
Power supply Batteries
Battery type 2 x AAA