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Drainaflex sandals beige 8.9 Brand new Euro
Drainaflex sandals beige
Drainaflex sandals beige

Drainaflex sandals beige


The slimming sandals.


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Silent and lightweight. The foot rests on a plane inclined backwards, at an angle of 9 degrees with the ground.
The heel is found lower than the toes. To compensate for the sole's downward slope, the calf and foot are forced to contract a bit more with each step in order to impart a balanced, harmonious forward movement to the body.

The backward inclination of the slimming sandal's sole lifts the foot forward, higher than the heel. The foot does not slip. The muscles of the calf and plantar arch go into action.
At a simple standing position, these muscles relax.

As you walk, your foot behaves as if you were climbing a flight of small steps.

Weight 330 gr