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Gymform Total Fitness Rower 199 Brand new Euro
Gymform Total Fitness Rower
Gymform Total Fitness Rower
Gymform Total Fitness Rower
Gymform Total Fitness Rower
Gymform Total Fitness Rower
Gymform Total Fitness Rower
Gymform Total Fitness Rower

Gymform Total Fitness Rower


Gives you a full body, fat burning, cardio workout.


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The Gymform Total Fitness's exclusive motion, gives you a full body, fat burning, cardio workout, plus an impressive, ab building workout that strengthens your core and builds your obliques, and your upper, middle and lower abs all at the same time! With the resistance bands, you can bring your ab workout to a whole new level for even better results.

A versatile, effective multi-purpose rowing exercise machine, that becomes your ideal home gym because it:
- builds your chest and pecs
- develops your lats
- works your upper and lower back
- strengthens your shoulders
- builds your biceps and triceps
- tones and shapes your arms
- defines your upper, middle and lower abs
- strengthens your core and obliques

... while it tones your inner and outer thighs, develops your quads and calves and the rest of your body in just 10 minutes!

Just sit on it, put your feet on the padded footrests, grip the cable handles and push. As you move in reverse, the back of your seat reclines, and once your legs are fully extended, the powerful dual springs return the back to its upright position to create a natural and effortless rowing motion. At the same time, your arms, your shoulders and your entire upper body are also getting a full workout from the resistance cables.

Gymform Total Fitness Rower works your entire body quicker and more effectively than anything else because of one simple thing, you can immediately move from one exercise to another, without getting off the machine! You can do bench presses to work the chest and pecs, then in just a few seconds, without getting off the machine, you can switch from working the chest, to working triceps and after that you can switch to biceps.

With Total Fitness Rower, you'll effectively target your abs, tone your legs, firm your arms, build your chest, develop your back, define your shoulders, much more rapidly than you could before!

It incorporates rapid constant motion and multiple resistance bands to generate an intense cardio workout that engages all your body's muscle groups at the same time. It's your ideal home gym equipment! And once you've ended your work out, it's compact, light and portable, so it's very easy to store.

Includes: The Gymform Total Fitness Rower diet plan booklet and workout guide.

Guarantee 24 months
Weight 8 kg

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