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Magnetic bike Fit Act FC 20 144.9 EUR
Magnetic bike Fit Act FC 20
Magnetic bike Fit Act FC 20

Magnetic bike Fit Act FC 20

SKU: FC.20

Exercises arms, legs and abs.



The magnetic exercise bike is the perfect choice for home use as it takes up minimal space and you can easily place it in any area of your home.

It helps you to effectively improve your physical health, as it exercises the muscles symmetrically and is one of the best workouts for strengthening the thighs. Calf muscles as well as arm and abdomen muscles are also exercised simultaneously. It is also suitable for weight loss and fat burning, because it is one of the most effective aerobic exercises.

It has non-slip pedals with integrated straps to keep your feet steady throughout your workout. You can monitor your progress during the exercise through its LCD screen.

It also has built-in pulse sensors located on the handles to control your heart rate at any time. You can easily transfer the bike to another place after each workout thanks to the built-in wheels.

Technical characteristics:

- Computer with LCD screen which indicates the speed, calories, time and scan option with alternating indicators, odometer, distance and your heart rate thanks to the special sensors that it has in the handles
- 8-level magnetic resistance system
- It has sensors that measure the heart rate in the handles
- Height-adjustable seat
- Steering wheel slope adjustment
- Non-slip pedals to keep the feet stable
- It has built-in transport wheels
- High-quality magnetic brake
- High-quality straps for maximum stability and quiet & smooth movement of the pedals
- Plastic plugs with adjustments for the correct placement of the bike (If your floor is uneven)
- Special support base for smartphone or tablet
- Bike weight 18.5 kg
- Maximum user weight 100 kg
- Bike dimensions 80x50.5x124 cm
- Package dimensions 66x24.3x51.5 cm
- 1 year warranty
- CE certification, EN-957

Weight 19 kg
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