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Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre shoes fuchsia 22.9 Brand new Euro
Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre shoes fuchsia
Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre shoes fuchsia
Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre shoes fuchsia
Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre shoes fuchsia
Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre shoes fuchsia

Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre shoes fuchsia


Trendy and comfy, with a rounded sole that relieves pressure and helps you workout just by walking.



Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre shoes are the go-anywhere, smart and comfy walking shoes that you can wear as everyday casual footwear or walking fitness shoes. With all the comfort, support and posture-friendly benefits of the world-famous rounded Walkmaxx sole, this core-strengthening design will have you walking yourself to fitness in total comfort and looking great while you do it! Now with a memory foam insole for added comfort and a contemporary design that looks amazing, you can be trendy and fit at the same time.

You will be thrilled with the sense of comfort and well-being offered by the new Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre shoes. They are soft and elastic, giving the feeling that you are walking on a cloud, while the rounded sole provides stability and comfort, even after a long day.

The Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre, with the special ergonomic curved sole, distributes and relieves pressure on knees, heels and lower back, while activating the muscles.

They are ideal to wear all day. Walkmaxx Leisure Ombre offers a new dimension of comfort, even after many hours of standing. The combination of breathable external material and comfortable memory foam inside will make you feel like flying.

In trendy sneaker design, suitable to wear day to night, they will catch the eye with whatever style you combine them with.


Exterior: Material that breathes and balances the foot temperature for ultimate comfort. Front in PU with glitter details.

Interior: Memory foam insole that adapts to the shape of your feet, for a feeling of weightlessness.

Sole: Rounded sole that activates the muscles, improves the balance of the body and relaxes. Made of 5 layers of EVA, the material used in top sports shoes to absorb vibrations, to properly support the foot and reduce pressure.

Weight 780 gr