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Gymform Power Burn EMS 79.9 Brand new Euro
Gymform Power Burn EMS
Gymform Power Burn EMS
Gymform Power Burn EMS
Gymform Power Burn EMS
Gymform Power Burn EMS
Gymform Power Burn EMS
Gymform Power Burn EMS
Gymform Power Burn EMS
Gymform Power Burn EMS

Gymform Power Burn EMS


EMS system for fat burn, muscle building, aerobics and massage.



GymForm Power Burn is the innovative EMS pads system that works all your abdominals producing an effective fat burning and ab building workout with only 10 minutes a day and delivering up to 600 contractions by session.

This innovative muscle training pads system trains your entire core, providing an intensive workout for your upper, middle and lower abs. The revolutionary EMS Technology contracts your muscles 360° up to 10 times per second, replicating the effects of a strenuous abs workout.

GymForm Power Burn comes complete with an interactive fast track computer that digitally includes six pre-programmed workouts with up to 10 intensity levels, making it perfect for any fitness level.

What each programme does:
- Programme 1 - Massage: Relieve tired and aching muscles anywhere on the body.
- Programme 2 - Aerobics: Strengthens leg muscles quickly to improve mobility.
- Programme 3 - Muscle Building: Use it to build and tone your triceps.
- Programme 4 - Power tone: Shape your body quickly and easy without stress.
- Programme 5 - Bum and thigh toner: Lifts and shapes your butt and smoothes away fat.
- Programme 6 - Detox: Helps flush toxins out of the body for firmer skin.

With its adjustable intensity levels and programmes, Power Burn is perfect for anyone, no matter your age or fitness level. With just 10 minutes per day you can improve your mobility, burn fat and tone your muscles.

2 large precision self- adhesive electrodes are included to work the abdomen and other areas of the body such as the arms, legs and buttocks and 2 more round self- adhesive electrodes for various muscles.

- Tones upper, middle and lower abs
- Firms and flattens the stomach
- 10 different intensity levels
- 6 different programme types
- Use it anywhere
- No wires needed
- Scientifically proven technology
- Improves mobility

1 detachable unit GymForm Power Burn
2 round self-adhesive electrodes
2 self-adhesives electrodes for abs

Battery operated. Type: 3V CR2032 (not included).

Guarantee 24 months
Weight 510 gr
Power supply Batteries
Battery type 2x3V CR2032

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