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Electric treadmill Fit Act 1275 2.75 HP 1099 EUR
Electric treadmill Fit Act 1275 2.75 HP
Electric treadmill Fit Act 1275 2.75 HP
Electric treadmill Fit Act 1275 2.75 HP

Electric treadmill Fit Act 1275 2.75 HP


With a computer that measures speed, time, calories, pulse, distance and body fat.



FIT ACT 1275 electric treadmill is the perfect choice for dynamic training at home as it is equipped with a 2.75 HP engine with a maximum speed of 18km/h. It is the safest and most reliable treadmill thanks to its quality anti-vibration surface (18MM) at 8 points and 6 rubber exteriors, which contribute to each user's most effective workout without straining your joints.

It has a USB port and built-in speakers so you can listen to your favourite music during your workout. The electric slope adjustment of the treadmill with 15 levels helps you to increase the intensity of the exercise with great ease.

Its sturdy construction and steady frame are suitable for users up to 130 kg. It has an LCD backlit blue screen with indicators of speed, calories, heart rate, time, distance, BODYFAT.

The handles have buttons to adjust the speed and slope for greater convenience during your run as well as built-in heart rate sensors.

With its easy folding system, the treadmill opens and closes with only two movements, by pressing the safety button of the support arm and in combination with the transport wheels, you can transfer it for wherever you want for easier storage.


- 2,75HΡ Continuous motor

- Computer with LCD backlit blue screen where you can be informed about the speed, time, calories, heart rate, the distance you have covered and the BODY FAT

- Anti-vibration surface (18MM) at eight points & 6 rubber exteriors

- Default 6-position direct adjustment of speed and slope on the computer

- Programs 64 - Manual 1

- Speed: 1-18 km/h

- Slope: Electric 15 positions

- Speed and slope adjustment buttons on the handles

- It has built-in pulse sensors

- Wheels for easy transport

- It has a USB input and built-in speakers so you can listen to your favorite music during your workout

- Running belt dimensions: 140 x 46 cm

- Treadmill dimensions: 178x79.5x130 cm

- Treadmill dimensions folded: 120x79.5x157 cm

- Package dimensions: 188x85x37 cm

- Net weight: 68 kg

- Maximum user weight: 130 kg

- 2 years warranty

- CE certification

Weight 120 kg
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