2tapes for learning Greek&Foreign dances

Dance learning system by Steven Kelly.

From 69-49%

Product code: ΚΧΟΡ100
Weight: 620 gr

This dance learning system consists of 2 videotapes 90mins each and allows you to learn to dance in the comfort and leisure of your home. The tapes include 28 of the most popular dances from the Greek, European, Latin American and modern repertory:

Hasapiko, Tsifteteli, Zeibekiko, Balos ... etc.

Latin & Ballroom Mambo - Salsa - Rock & Roll - Waltz - Rumba - Cha Cha - Fox Trot - Street Dancing - Tango - Samba - Disco - Hip Hop etc.

Learn the history of each dance, see the steps, and learn them, while entertaining yourself.



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