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Product code: ΦΙΤΕΡΣ-ΣProduct code: ΦΙΤΕΡΣ-ΜProduct code: ΦΙΤΕΡΣ-ΛProduct code: ΦΙΤΕΡΣ-ΧΛ
Weight: 1,21 kg
Weight: 1,23 kg
Weight: 1,24 kg
Weight: 1,26 kg

A garment specially designed to place weight on specific areas of your body.
Trousers : Designed to carry weight on specific areas. Place the 8 G-Bars in the different pockets and exercise your body.
Wristbands : Get your arms fit placing the G-Bars in their pockets.
G-Bars : Removable and portable weights with appropriate advanced design to use in each part of the body.
The garment : Certified design to support weight in specified areas to train every part of your body.
Benefits : Your muscles work harder, Mold your body instantly, Lose inches, Burn more calories, Tone your body
Use them wherever you like.

Includes :
1 pair of trousers
2 wristbands
8 G-Bars (112 g each one)



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