Iron Gym Trigger point pro foam

Trigger point foam roller.


Product code: ΑΙΡΟΝΤ-ΤΡΙΓΚ
Weight: 850 gr

The Iron Gym Trigger Point Roller is the best way to speed up your recovery and to prevent injuries. After a workout your muscles may feel sore. Using the massage roller will release your muscle tightness, improve your recovery time and your flexibility.

The special trigger points on this roller help you target the knots more precisely than a regular massage roller. The special trigger point bumps helps target the knots and tightnesses in your legs, calves, back and more. Hollow lasting core, combined with the high-density foam creates more pressure with lesser effort.

Trigger Point Roller gets deeper into the muscle, targeting more precisely to the knots. You can target even the smallest muscles, which can cause the trickiest problems in your physique. Using Trigger Point Roller is recommended by many chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers.

Trigger Point Roller by Iron Gym� is the best way to speed up your recovery and prevent injuries. Using Trigger Point Roller after intense training improves recovery time and flexibility by releasing muscle tightness. Trigger Point bumps work like your massage therapeutists hands, creating targeted pressure to release tightness from your muscles.

- Improves recovery time & flexibility
- Removes muscle & joint pain
- Releases muscle tightness & prevents injuries
- Trigger point bumps for targeted pressure
- Compact and effective
- High density foam structure
- Hollow core that withstands repeated use while maintaining shape and integrity
- Size 14 x 33 cm
- Max user weight 90 kg
- Perfect for all fitness levels!



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