Pilates set (DVD, CD, mat)

Pilates DVD training kit.

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Product code: ΡΑΤΕΖ
Guarantee: 1 month
Weight: 1,7 kg

Pilates is a system of "controlled exercises" which engage both the mind and the body. This means changing the way our bodies have adapted to our hectic lifestyle, occupation, stress, as well as injuries. Pilates can help re-educate the brain and helps control the muscles by adjusting the order in which they are recruited. In turn it improves muscular activity, restores good posture and maximizes energy levels.

The set includes:
- Colour illustrated workout book
- Instructional workout DVD for beginners and intermediate
- 60 minute workout music CD for Pilates
- Latex stretching exercise band 120 cm x 15 cm
- Pilates mat 173 cm x 61 cm



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