Walkmaxx Fit shoes black

Change the way you walk, change the way you feel! With Walkmaxx Black Fit shoes!

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Product code: ΓΜΑΞΝ45
Weight: 930 gr

Walkmaxx Fit shoes offer stability, comfort and a better tone!

Its unique rounded sole helps redistribute and relieve pressure on knees, heels and lower back, so every move is easier, for everyone.

Walking or standing in Walkmaxx shoes can automatically improve your posture, activate your muscles and make you feel better!

They are giving proper support because of the firm sole, have optimal thickness and firm heel which gives ankle stability.
Slight round shape distributes the pressure of walking, throughout the whole step.

The secret of the Walkmaxx Black Fit rounded sole is in its specially designed 6 layers structure.
For targeted comfort! Flexibility! Natural rolling motion support! And a soft heel cushion for that extra comfortable heal landing and shock absorption!

They are very comfortable, very light and give you a good feeling!



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