Walkmaxx sandals white

Workout all of your body with the extremely comfortable, authentic unisex Walkmaxx sandals.

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Product code: ΓΜΑΞΣ42-ΑProduct code: ΓΜΑΞΣ44-ΑProduct code: ΓΜΑΞΣ45-Α
Weight: 1 kg
Weight: 1 kg
Weight: 1 kg

Presenting the extremely comfortable, authentic unisex Walkmaxx sandals.

The summer alternative for women and men. Good news for lovers of authentic Walkmaxx shoes. And good news for your feet and your health!

Because now you can get fit, even during summer with every step with the authentic unisex Walkmaxx sandals and their especially rounded soles.

With every move, they give you the feeling of walking barefoot in the sand, while increasing your muscle activity and stimulating the cardiovascular system. Just by walking!

The original unisex Walkmaxx sandals Improve your posture while walking, and you can also reduce cellulite.



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