OMEGA ABS - Workout your abs with far less effort.

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Product code: ΟΜΕΓΚΑ
Guarantee: 12 months
Weight: 1,5 kg

It's the first product that's designed to supercharge your abdominal exercises, helping you shed that stubborn layer of fat, to reveal the beautiful, sexy abs underneath.

With its patented 6-Pack Super Crunch Technology, Omega Abs creates targeted, dynamic resistance in the ab region, that turns over contraction of the abdominal muscles, into a super contraction.

So every crunch becomes a super crunch, which means you'll see flatter, more toned, sexy abs, in less time.

The ab intensifier makes it possible to adjust the resistance to suit your needs, which is why Omega Abs works for everyone, whether you're a beginner, or an advanced athlete. Together you will receive:
- A DVD with aerobic exercises,
- Instructional manual,
- An exercise ball with its pump,
- A nutrition guide.



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