Twist N Shape

Exercise machine to sculpt your buns, thighs and more.


Product code: ΤΟΥΙΣΤΣΕΙΠ
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 14,8 kg

The ideal fitness machine for training your stomach and buttocks!

Meet the Twist & Shape Body Trainer!
The new effective way to train your abs and buttocks. The traditional abdominal exercises are often not very effective and uncomfortable to perform. Think of the aches and pains in your back and neck.

Full body training with 1 device
Training with Twist & Shape is very simple: step on it, grab the handles and start turning. The 240-degree rotational movement helps to train your abdominal muscles effectively and simply.
But your buttocks, thighs, shoulders and arms are also trained.

How does the training device work?
When your upper body turns to the right, your lower body turns to the left. It is like wringing out a wet towel. By turning, you burn fat on your stomach and waist, making your waist slimmer.

The ergonomic handles stabilize your body, so you do not feel pressure on your knees or joints. Ideal when you easily experience complaints during exercise. Overload is prevented and yet you train the most important muscle groups in your body.

The Twist and Shape has a patented dual, powerful rotation system, anti-slip spin plates and adjustable soft handles making it safe for everyone of any age and fitness level.

The device is equipped with a digital display that shows the time, the number of movements and even the number of calories burned. It is a complete total body workout fitness machine!

Maximum user weight 150 kg.



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