Gymform Sweat Belt

Sweat belt.


Product code: ΣΟΥΕΤΜΠΕΛΤ
Weight: 200 gr

Gymform Sweat Belt is a sturdy neoprene girdle that stimulates the elimination of retained liquids thanks to its sauna effect. This slimming and moulding girdle is ideal for losing weight and improving your figure.

It has velcro to adjust it to the optimum shape. It can be used to practise sport or do exercise in order to boost its beneficial effects, or it can be used at any other time.
Made of neoprene (70%), nylon (15%) and polyester (15%)
Flexible and adaptable fabric
Velcro closure
Length: Approx. 90 cm
Approx. width: 22.5 cm
Intensifies exercise results
Hand wash



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