Dr. MIng tea 60 teabags

A herbal tea made of 100% natural ingredients.


Product code: ΤΣΑΙ-60
Weight: 570 gr

A natural, tasty herbal drink that combines oriental tradition and philosophy with western technique.

It contains green tea, bitter orange peel, lemongrass, bitter orange leaves, and cardamom.

These natural ingredients help increase energy and stimulate metabolism. They also help increase fat burning as well as detoxify the body, while enhancing digestion.

This naturally stimulates the body, calms the stomach and helps you slim down in a short time, while following a healthy lifestyle and diet plan.

You can drink it hot or cold by adding ice.

It is recommended to drink 2 cups daily after a light meal (morning, noon) at your preferred temperature.

Not recommended for people under 18, pregnant women or while nursing.

It does not contain chemicals, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Packaging: 60 sachets for 2 months (2 per day)

Each sachet contains 1.5 gr tea.

Produced in the European Union



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