Freshpanty Jadies

We offer you this solution: The new JADIES panty to provoke a fresh feeling which will induce thermogenesis.

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Product code: ΤΖΕΙΝΤ-Λ
Weight: 170 gr

The Jadies panty has a double effect on the body:
Immediate shaping effect
Due to the technology used in its structure (weaving), this panty offers an immediate shaping effect. It will instantly reshape the silhouette and mask the body's imperfections: refine waist and hips, lift up your buttocks and reshape thighs thanks to the different weaving and textures of the panty. Finally, it is completely invisible under clothes, so it can be worn for any occasion; under pants or long skirt.

Thanks to its technology, the COOL JADE FIBER has got a refreshing effect and gives you a fresh sensation.
It is injected in micro-particles in the polyester fibers of the panty. Your body, by its contact with the COOL JADE FIBER will have this refreshing feeling and will immediately react by producing energy to increase skin temperature.
The goal is then reached: your body will draw on its resources (fats) and burn calories!



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